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Image of Dimplex 403TSF

Dimplex 403TSF

403TSF 3kW Convector Heater 2 Heat - Turbo Fan

Image of Dimplex CDE2TI

Dimplex CDE2TI

CDE2TI 2kW Cadiz Eco Electric Oil Free Radiator

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Image of Dimplex DXFF30TSN

Dimplex DXFF30TSN

DXFF30TSN 3kW Fan Heater with Cool Setting

Image of Dimplex DXUF20TN

Dimplex DXUF20TN

DXUF20TN 2kW Upright Electric Fan Heater - White

Image of Dimplex ECR15

Dimplex ECR15

ECR15 Portable Oil-Free Radiator

Image of Dimplex ECR20

Dimplex ECR20

ECR20 2000W Rapid Eco Oil Free Radiator

Image of Dimplex OFC2000TI

Dimplex OFC2000TI

OFC2000TI 2kW Electric Oil Filled Column Radiator

Image of Dimplex OFR15N

Dimplex OFR15N

OFRB7N 0.7kW ECO Chico Oil Free Heater - White

Image of Dimplex OFRC15N

Dimplex OFRC15N

OFRC15N 1.5Kw Oil Free Column 2 Settings Heater

Image of EBAC 2250E

EBAC 2250E

2250E Low Energy Dehumidifier with Automatic Smart Control

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Image of EBAC 2650E

EBAC 2650E

2650E High Performance Automatic Dehumidifier

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Image of EBAC 3850E

EBAC 3850E

3850E High Quality Dehumidifer with Smart Control

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